The Difference

Marina Kamen is not your typical pencil pushing, clipboard carrying testimonial director. Nor do Marina’s Testimonials get poked and prodded by lab coat clad technicians with stethoscopes and pocket protectors like rats in a laboratory cage. Marina treats each and every testimonial like people who have reached the end of their hopes in trying to lose weight. These people are nervous and sensitive and need to be handled with the kindness and understanding only Marina can give as she herself lost 100 pounds and knows how hard it is to be overweight, lose the weight and keep it off. In addition, Marina has been at the forefront of the entertainment business, casting talent for over 30 years writing & producing hundreds of commercial and television projects. Marina is a Billboard Charting musician, vocalist, choreographer that has written over 50 albums in addition to working with Sony, Atlantic & Columbia records.

Testimonial teresa

Teresa Before


Testimonial Teresa Hui

Teresa After losing 40 pounds

In addition to Beauty, Cosmetic, Skin and Home products, dealing with Weight loss is a subject close to Marina’s heart. Marina has the experience of being overweight – at 5’3 and 215 pounds. She has lost over 100 pounds and knows what it feels like to be fat. She knows what it feels like to have your thighs chaffing raw on a hot summer day. She knows the embarrassment a heavy woman experiences in the dressing room trying on those new cool jeans and struggling with the zipper only to be defeated and buy the larger size.

Marina Kamen

Marina Kamen aka MARINA

Marina makes losing weight fun. It doesn’t matter what the program is – diet, exercise, fitness device – Marina has done and mastered them all. From the very first casting reach out, Marina exudes a warmth only a mother of 3 who lost 100 pounds can give. Boot Camp for Marina’s testimonials is with a smile and gentle hand. That’s why Marina achieves remarkable stick rates and unbelievable weight losses. Why end up with 6 testimonials to pick from when you can end with 30? The choice is yours.

Marina is no super woman. She’s a real person who cares deeply about each and every testimonial candidate guiding them through your 30, 60 or 90 day program.

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Marina personally supervises all weigh-ins and measurements. Marina personally communicates daily via phone, email, text and chat as well as one on one personal time, in the flesh, listening to and discussing the issues that come up for any overweight or out of shape person she works with. Marina works with the emotions behind the problem to reach the best possible results for you and your product or program.

This is why Marina’s testimonials are the best in DRTV.